Rural Education in China 

Author: Sarah Bremer
Essential Question: How do rural-urban divides in education impact a country’s economic development?
Summary: Students will examine economic development challenges in rural China by exploring issues addressed in Scott Rozelle’s 1990 Institute talk on the “Other China.” After watching an excerpt of the talk and analyzing one of Rozelle’s data charts, they will use case studies of rural students in China to identify barriers that students face when pursuing higher education. Summative assessment ideas are provided for teachers who would like to extend the ideas of the lesson.
Grade Level: 11th-12th grades
Subject Areas: AP Comparative Government, world history or AP Human Geography.
Keywords: Education, Rural/Urban Divide
Lesson Duration  One 80-minute block period or two 45 minute periods
Published April, 2019
Source Lecture on “Searching for the Source of China’s Human Capital Crisis” at the 1990 Institute Teachers Workshop in July 2018 by Dr. Scott Rozelle.



Lesson Plan

Accompanying Documents:

Bremer-Rural-Education Handout 1 – Chart Analysis

Bremer-Rural-Education Handout 2 – Video Notes

Bremer-Rural-Education Handout 3 – Case Study Notes

Bremer-Rural-Education Key-Handout 2 – Video Notes



Scott Rozelle Lecture

PowerPoint:  ScottRozelle-China-Human-Capital-TW-2018.pdf



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