Susan Roughgarden, Mercy High School, after 2014 Teachers Workshop

”The 1990 Institute CHINA NOW | for Teachers workshop was the best teacher conference I have attended in terms of its content, usefulness, and overall workshop experience.”  Rhonda Nagao, Iolani School, Hawaii, 2016 Hawaii Fellowship Recipient.

”The group work was awesome because I like to bounce ideas off of each other.” Christopher Honeywell, Alameda High School, Alameda High School District.

”The speakers were all excellent and presented rich materials with statistics that will be very useful for teaching. Wonderful, Keep it up! “Victoria Lu, George Washington High School, San Francisco Unified School District.

“The Panel presentations were excellent in delivery, content and usefulness.” Wayne Philips, Mills High School, San Mateo High School District.

“I liked the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and presenters” Alan Perry, Menlo-Atherton High School, Sequoia Union High School District.

“All the speakers were excellent. They helped me better understand the areas where China and the US are able to work together and the differences between our approaches to government . I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers.” Joe Ryan, St Mary’s School, San Francisco.

“Panel members were very diverse and there was a nice balance of topics! ”Barbara Campbell, Mills High School, San Mateo High School District.

“I was impressed by all the speakers” Marc Ramirez, Alameda High School, Alameda Unified School District.

“1990 committee were all so incredibly thoughtful in your preparations, from wonderful emails to supplies at the center” Suzy Anderson, Mill Valley Middle School, Mill Valley School District.

“It was wonderful to learn about the current situation in China from so many speakers. My group leader was also so well informed. ” Patricia Jackson. Mills High School, San Mateo Union High School District.