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This started out as a reference library for our teachers workshops for 6-12 grade teachers that want to add modern China into their curriculum.  It included references mainly on modern China and US-China relations.  The move to the allows this archive to meet the needs of the general public,  in addition to what teachers and students need.





Lectures from 2019 Teachers Workshop on

“China on the Move”

July 26-27, 2019 

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Keynote Lecture by Clayton Dube on “Recalibrating US-China Relations”

Friday, July 26, 2019

Feature: Francis Lee on “The Rise of China in Technology Development

Saturday, July 27, 2019

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Teachers Workshop Background

Since 2013, we have provided a two-day summer workshop on contemporary China for 6-12 grade teachers.  Since 2018,  the general public were able to attend the “seminar” sessions of the workshop via live-streaming.

Expect to find the following at our workshops:

  • Relevant Themes:   Each year we select a currently relevant and thought provoking theme on contemporary China that would be interesting and exciting to study in the classroom.
  • Inspirational Speakers: We invite uniquely qualified China specialists with background and experience to present diverse but balanced viewpoints. These speakers come from both academic and non-academic worlds, including lawyers, business people, advocates, journalists, authors, and university professors — both U.S. and Chinese nationals. (See list of speakers and topics this year.)
  • Most Current Information/thoughts about China today: Speakers are equipped to bring  most current information and thoughts about today’s China.

What’s the difference between attending the workshop and the simulcast?


If you are a U.S. grades 6-12 teacher,  you are invited to attend this workshop.  Besides the benefits described above,  you will have the opportunity to:

  • Direct Interaction with Speakers: Teachers are encouraged to interact with the speakers during the lectures with discussions, Q&A, as well as during other networking times such as lunch. (We invite the speakers to join us for lunch and stay afterwards in case teachers need more clarification.)
  • Suitable for Teaching:  We ask the speakers to present their material in a manner that would be suitable for teaching grade 6-12 students.
  • Assistance in Developing Lesson Material:  Pedagogy specialist (e.g.  UC Berkeley History & Social Science Project members) will lead/help teachers develop classroom material based on  workshop lectures.
  • Network and collaborate with fellow teachers. 
  • Additional Resource Materials:  Speakers are asked to provide PowerPoint files to go with their lectures.  These files can be downloadable from our website during and after the Workshop. 
  • Stipend: Upon completion of all workshop requirements, teachers can receive a stipend from $200-$400.
  • CEUs: Teachers have the option of applying all or part of their stipend to receive 1.6 CEU units from San Francisco State University.  (The CEU registration fee is $200.)
  • Meals: Complimentary breakfast and lunch are provided both days.

Use menu tabs to see specific information about any year’s workshop.

Email to for any questions.

What's New

* 2019 College Essay Contest Winners *

“The Self and the Other:”
by Melody Liu on the topic of “Women in Modern China”

“The Beijing Consensus and African Autonomy
by Jessie Yin on the topic of “Economics in Modern China”

“How Technology can Mitigate the Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Epidemic in China”
by Wendy Han on the topic of “Technology in Modern China”

* Recently Published Lesson Plans *

“The Hukou (Household Registration) System”

Based on 2018 Teachers Workshop Lecture by Rob Schmitz

“Rural Education in China”

Based on 2018 Teachers Workshop Lecture by Scott Rozelle

“Comparing China’s and America’s Concepts of Law, Constitution and Legal System”

Based on 2018 Teachers Workshop Lecture by Tobias Smith.