Mapping the Belt and Road Initiative

Author: Sarah Bremer
Essential Question: How does transportation infrastructure promote economic development and trade?
Summary: This lesson explores China’s Belt and Road Initiative through a spatial perspective. Through this lesson, students will apply skills in online research, written synthesis of ideas, and spatial reasoning to develop a collaborative online map. They will also analyze the importance of factors such as natural resources, relative location, transportation infrastructure, and tourism in relation to economic development.
Grade Level: 10-12th grades
Subject Areas: AP Human Geography (10-12th grade), economics, foreign policy, or AP Comparative Government
Keywords: Belt and Road, Infrastructure, Geography, Economic Development
Lesson Duration  2 80-minute block periods
Published July, 2018
Source 1990 Institute Curriculum Development submission


Lesson Plan (PDF): Sarah-Bremer-Mapping-the-Belt-and-Road-Initiative.pdf

Supporting Documents:


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  1. courtneycaldwell

    This lesson is great! I have modified it to work in my classroom and the kids are really enjoying it! Thank you for sharing!

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