Monday, August 3    
Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Dr. Thomas Gold May 4th to June 4th: Youth and Protest in Modern China (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Mary Kay Magistad The Rise of Civil society in China (PDF)
China Civil Society Version 2  (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) David Wertime How Information moves in Chinese Cyberspace (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Thomas Klitgaard The Value of Vagueness as the Door to Social Change and Emerging Protests in China – Lesson Learned from Its   Neighbors (PDF)
Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Dr. Gordon Chang The Long History of America-China Relations (PDF)
Tuesday, August 4
Video and abstract (coming soon) Nicole Kwan The Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Joshua Wong Overseas Sharing (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Dr. Thomas Gold The Chinese Communist Party’s Quest for Harmony and Stability in the Midst of Rapid Change (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Yidi Wu From Moscow to Beijing: Chinese Students Respond to Crises in the Soviet Block, 1956-57 (PDF)
 Video and abstract (Coming Soon) Dr. Mei Gechlik Legal and Political Reform in China:  How to Read the Chinese Leaders’ Mixed Signals? (PDF)