The purpose of this website is to build up a rich repository of teaching resources on modern China for primary, middle, and high schools.  We also aim to make these resources useful to the general public in learning and understanding modern China.

Since the summer of 2016, we have started to collect resource recommendations that can be used to supplement lessons on modern China,  from our community of modern China experts, including teachers themselves,

Among the resources that we plan to provide from our website, are:

  • Videos of our Teachers Workshop sessions.
  • Lesson plans made available though our Lesson Plan Contest and other sources.
  • Winning videos from the 1990 Institute Youth Voice on China contests.
  • Topical information about modern China that is available in magazine, newspaper articles, videos, photographs, TV shows, documentaries, etc.

Do click on the TEACHING RESOURCES tab at the top of this webpage to see what’s already available!


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