We encourages teachers to submit lesson plans that portray China in a broad context and connects the past, specifically the 19th and 20th centuries, to today.

Please include the following elements in your lesson plan:

Title of the Lesson Plan

Essential/Central Question:  What is the central purpose of your lesson?

Lesson Summary: Explain exactly what your lesson will include and the students will learn from your lesson.

Grade levels and Courses: What courses and grades is your lesson designed for?  Be sure to include all courses and grades.

Duration:  Your lesson should be designed for a maximum of 1 – 5 days.

Plan of Instruction:  Include a step-by-step description of exactly what will occur during your lesson.  This may include:

  • An introduction to the lesson or an anticipatory set
  • Building prior knowledge or setting the historical context
  • Materials to build background such as videos, websites, readings, etc.
  • Activities to engage students such as group work, digital assignments, debate preparation, homework, readings, primary source documents, power points, infographics, posters, research, essays, projects, etc.
  • Differentiation, extensions, formative assessments, modifications for diverse learners, etc.
  • Explain exactly what your students will be doing during the 1-5 days of the lesson.

Summative Assessment:  How will your students’ work be evaluated? Include a description of your activities to measure student performance such as essays, tests, posters, infographcis, etc.  Include any rubrics you use to evaluate student performance.

Readings/Websites/Documents/Power PointsInclude a list of on-line resources, videos, books, readings, documents, and websites that the students will use during the lesson.  If your sources use a database that requires a school subscription, you must also include websites that are available to everyone. Please indicate the sites that require a subscription and those sites that are available to everyone.  All your sites must be current.

Attachments:  Include, in separate files, all handouts that the students will use during your lesson.

Common Core Standards: Include all Common Core Standards that apply to your lesson.  You may also include any state standards that apply to your lesson.

Additional Information:  Feel free to include additional sections that are pertinent to the lesson plan.


Any questions?   Contact lessonplan@1990institute.org .


How to Submit Your Lesson Plan 

  1. You can pre-register the lesson plan(s) that you plan to submit.  Pre-registration is not required but it will enable us to remind you from time-to-time,  as well as notify you of any potential changes in submission requirements.
  2. When you have your lesson plan ready, fill out all information specified in the template in one MS/word or PDF file (PDF preferred).  Put, in separate files, handouts that the students and teachers will need for your lesson.
  3. Go to Submit a Lesson Plan to submit.  We suggest that you read the instructions on the submission form first to see what file types can be used, how to name the files that will be uploaded, and so on before filling out the form. You will also be asked to submit an additional .jpeg or .gif image file that best represents the lesson plan topic.