The goal of our CHINA NOW | For Teachers program  is to motivate and empower you,  the teachers, to teach about modern China in your classroom.  This worksheet is intended to help you design something you can teach.  Completing this instructional plan is one of the requirements for receiving the stipend after attending our workshops.

Please complete the following questions:


  • What is the topic you want to teach?
  • What is the question you want your students to think about?
  • What resources are you providing to your students? For example reading materials, videos, news, etc. Provide links if applicable. All the 1990 Institute's teachers workshop presentations contain rich materials and can be found at this website.
  • Describe the activities you want your students to do. If you have created a graphic organizer, please describe it.
  • Specify which classes (e.g. world history, AP Chinese) you can use this instructional plan for.
  • The number of class periods to teach this lesson.
  • Anything you would like to tell us.